Errata of Book "Hybrid Feedback Control"

List of typos:

Page 31, 4th paragraph, add period after [29].

Page 38, four lines below (11.11), "(t',j)" should be "(t,j')" twice.

Page 64, item 2, and Page 96, Remark 3.6, "locally Lipschitz on C" should be "Lipschitz on C" or, equivalently, "globally Lipschitz on C."

Page 82, Exercise 16, line 4 of the algorithm: ui = 0 is missing.

Page 94, 11 lines in Example 3.2, "they" should be "their."

Page 110, third line in C1) within Assumption 3.25, D^{\rho_i} and C^{\rho_i} should be swapped.

Page 370, line 3 of Definition A.19, \cal A should be \cal U.