AME 558

AME558: Introduction to Advanced Control Theory

Lectures: Wednesday 4:30pm to 5:60pm at Harvill Bldg Room 316 and Friday 4:30pm to 5:60pm at AME S324.

Office hours: Wednesday 6-7pm at Harvill 316 and Friday 2-3pm at AME N619

This course is developed as an introduction to linear and nonlinear control for graduate students. Undergraduate students that have taken a classical control course are encouraged to contact the instructor for the possibility of special enrollment. The course begins with a review of classical control design as to introduce the differences between transfer function control design and advanced state-space linear and nonlinear control design and analysis. The bulk of the course is devoted to state-space based analysis and design of linear (time-invariant and time-varying) systems as well as to Lyapunov-based methods for nonlinear control systems. The content will be mathematical with illustrative examples taken from general engineering systems.

TOPICS: This course will cover:
Linear systems; State space; State-feedback control; Observers; Nonlinear dynamics; Lyapunov stability; Nonlinear control design.

• Instructor notes (to be available at D2L).
• Franklin, G.; Powell, J. & Emami-Naeini, A. Feedback Control of Dynamic Systems 4th. Edition Prentice Hall, 2002.
• Chi-Tsong Chen, Linear System Theory and Design, Oxford University Press US, 1998.
• Nonlinear Systems: Third Edition by H. Khalil, 2002.
• Nonlinear Control Systems by Alberto Isidori, Springer-Verlag, 1995.
• Nonlinear and Adaptive Control Design by Miroslav Kristic, Ioannis Kanellakopoulos, Petar Kokotovic, John Wiley and Sons, 1995.
• Linear Systems Theory by Joao Hespanha, Princeton, 2009.

PREREQUISITES and COMPUTER SKILLS: The course is self contained. Prerequisites for the course include an understand- ing of undergraduate calculus, linear algebra, and classical control methods. The student is also expected to be able to use some simulation software (e.g., Matlab).

EMAIL: My email will be the preferred way to communicate. Please check your email frequently for announcements. An immediate response is not guaranteed, but you should expect to get one within 24hs when your email arrives to the instructor’s email inbox Monday to Friday before class time.

HOMEWORK: Will account for 20% of final grade (between 2 and 4). Homework will be due at the beginning of class with no exception.

EXAMS: one midterm, 20% of final grade (October 17, 2012, in class); one final, 30% of final grade (December 10, 2012, 3:30-5:30pm).

FINAL PROJECT: 30% of final grade.